Alliance Support

We believe in the power of mutual support. The wider the platform to combat the anti-poor forces, the stronger it is. That is why the Centre, ever since its inception, has supported various alliances of people, groups, and organizations. By encouraging participatory research, contributing to critiques of dominant policies, developing alternatives, and facilitating informed debates and new practices, the Hazards Centre has been able to participate in the building of several collaborative efforts. Some of the alliance groups we work with are:

  • Delhi Suraksha Samiti: A group examining industrial pollution and waste management issues

  • Citizens Committee for Preservation of Democracy: A network defending civil rights of ethnic minorities and redefining citizenship in a democracy.

  • Sajha Manch: An alliance of urban groups intervening in setting an inclusive direction for the growth of the city.

  • Local Area Environment Group: A technical unit set up by the Supreme Court Monitoring Committee for the implementation of the Hazardous Waste Management Rules.

  • Commonwealth Games: Citizens for Workers, Women, and Children: Association of groups arguing for the maintenance of rights in the run-up to the Commonwealth Games.

  • National Forum for Housing Rights: A national alliance struggling for the Right to Shaltar of the poor

  • Citizen’s Review of National Urban Renewal Mission: A collective effort across 30 cities and towns to review the Basic Services to Urban Poor component of the Mission