Internships at HAZARDS CENTRE (Sanchal Foundation)

The Sanchal Foundation was set up in 1982 with the purpose of facilitating innovative work in the fields of education, science, and development that would be of benefit to society. The Hazards Centre was set up by the Foundation in 1998 in Delhi as a professional support institution to provide assistance to community groups and agencies in the fields of governance, health, education, shelter, livelihoods, and environment in both rural and urban areas.

The Centre invites enthusiastic, self-driven and committed young people with curiosity and skills to apply for internships for a period of two to six months in various areas.

Any young person who wishes to apply for the internship should:

  •     Have a basic skill or experience in any of the areas mentioned above.
  •     Be able to write in English and speak in Hindi or any other regional language.
  •     Should be available for a minimum of two months.
  •     Be willing to travel and work in a group.


The Centre will provide the following:

  • Guidance, mentorship and training in each of the fields.
  • Meet all costs on travel and incidents related to work.
  • A small internship support allowance.
  • A certificate after submission of the final report.


If at any time, the Centre finds the intern is not performing the allotted task, the internship may be terminated. However, after the stipulated period of internship is over, and if both the intern as well as the Centre are satisfied, then interns may be considered for longer-term employment.

If you are interested, please apply at with your bio-data along with the completely filled proforma available at

Note: – Applications without a completely filled proforma will not be considered. In the subject line of the email, please clearly mention the Task Code number(s) for which you are applying.