As citizens, we all seek answers to a range of questions on issues of planning and governance. What are the patterns of migration and settlement? What is the housing scenario for different sections? Can the present water supply meet the needs of a growing population? What is causing all the pollution in rivers? What has been done or not done to clean them? Is the cost associated with National prestige of building “world class” infrastructure actually worth it?? What has been the ‘success’ of the Metro in being a mass transport system? What does the Masterplan have to say about availability and distribution of basic services in the city? How can RTI be best used to improve administrative response? What are the ‘development’ plans in the coming years?

It is such and more concerns that we at Hazards Centre seek to provide answers to, using various techniques of research. We emphasize on participatory processes while gaining information from communities on their issues. Many of these researches are undertaken on requests from specific groups.

These research data and the analytical conclusions to which they lead to, are documented in various simpler and easily comprehensible forms, so that they could serve as a base for further research and action.